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How to style your hair without heat

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Yes, they all require effort- WOMPWOMP. But hear me out! Once you get the hang of some of these wet-to-dry styles, you’ll be looking fly for days with little to no damage (and no color fading!!). I recommend doing all of these styles after washing when your hair feels 80% dry and has a bit of Olaplex pt. 6 on your ends (but you can always just use a spray bottle to dampen your hair if it's not wash day). If you have extremely fine hair that doesn't hold a curl, I recommend putting in this product while your hair is still damp before you try any of these methods. Also, I'm part of a few affiliate programs- it means I get a bit of commission on sales driven through some of my links. You are under no obligation to buy from my links, but I *did* consider the companies retailing and the authenticity of said purchased products before linking. Fuck Amazon, but I'm sure we can all admit it's incredibly convenient.

  1. Vintage Roller Set (click here to buy) These bad boys have a bit of a learning curve, but they’re tried and true. Pros: 1. damage free curl that lasts for days 2. you can roll the rollers in different patterns and different directions for different looks. Cons: 1. You have to sleep with them in overnight 2. Some people find them difficult to sleep with 3. They take up lots of storage space. Here’s a video tutorial link for what I believe is the simplest way to use these rollers, but feel free to look at other videos to see what other looks you can create with these! These are best suited for mid length and shorter hair cuts.

  2. Spiral Curl Formers (click here to buy) literally the exact same pros and cons as above. Here's a tutorial link

  3. Wave Formers (click here to buy) These are the wavy cousin of the product above, with all the same pros and cons. Here's a tutorial by my friend and customer who is pictured!

  4. Headband curl (click here to buy the headband I recommend) I personally feel that the headband is much more comfortable to sleep on than the above options but also only gives you one look. You can use any headband but I recommend this one because it's absorbent, soft, doesn't squeeze your head or damage your hair, and doesn't leave lines in the curl the way a thin band would. Here's a tutorial

  5. Robe Belt/legging waves Here's a tutorial on these beautiful 1940's screen siren waves. These are the most comfortable to sleep in, as well as being a very trendy curl pattern right now.

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